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I've been looking out my window for 18 years, DREAMING of what it will be like. What if it's not everything I've dreamed it would be?? It will be. And what if it is? What do I do then? "Well I guess that's the good part then. You get to go out and find a new dream."

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Rapunzel's Frying Pan

Day 16.1: Rapunzel's voice in 'When Will My Life Begin' is amazing!!! I love her singing voice.

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The Test To Define Your Disney Personality

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Grr.... Disney is much too good at animating kisses, its a shame they cant convey the wondrous experience of actually having a soft and supple pair of lips brushed upon yours... ;)

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I am Rapunzel Fitzherbert. I am 18 and Eugene is my husband. I have the power to heal and air bending. I am new so fill me in! :)

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