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After seeing a tip by fellow Hobby Heaven board user Steve Milberry, I started using white plastic spoons to test the new line of Tamiya spray paints. Since then, I've experimented a lot with their metallic colors over different base colors. *All photographs were taken in direct sunlight*

Spray painted bodies drying. We used Tamiya spray paints because of their quick drying times. Most participants had never used a pray can and the results were amazing!

NOTE! Only use Tamiya spray paint with the "PS" PS (spray paint for lexan polycarbonate or clear transparent RC bodies) ------------------------------ Playli...

I used Tamiya spray paint for the silver skintone (you should be able to get it from a hobby supply store), and for details I use Jo Sonja's acrylics, there are a couple of nice gold colours in that range (I used a mix of Rich Gold and Copper for Clawdeen's eyeshadow). If you're using metallics it would be a good idea to use a similar coloured base coat first - I used a grey under the silver, you could use a yellow-toned base where you want it, then apply the gold over the top.