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Grandma Castro Tamale recipe

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Basic tamale recipe. The best part is mixing the masa with your hands and feeling it squish between your fingers!:

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Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Traditional Tamales (Pork). This is the recipe I used as a guideline for making my tamales. - Kelsey

The most vital ingredient in making the perfect tamal is the masa. Masa is the plain, wet stone-ground dough made with a special corn known as nixtamal. Fresh masa can be purchased in one of two ways, prepared and unprepared. Our family prefers to purchase unprepared masa and then we add lard, salt, broth, and baking …

Make Your Own Dough for Tamales With Masa Harina

Homemade tamales are one of the best Mexican comfort foods. Make your own with this dough recipe that begins with masa harina (commercial corn flour).

Basic Masa Dough

Finding one masa dough recipe to use for several different tamale fillings can be difficult. This basic recipe yields a light, fluffy dough that can be used for...

Make Your Own Dough for Tamales With Masa Harina

Tamale Dough using Masa Harina. 6 cups masa harina 5 cups warm water or low-sodium chicken broth 2 cups lard 3 tablespoon onion powder 2 tablespoon cumin 3 tablespoon chile powder 2 teaspoons salt