Tamako X Mochizou <3 (Tamako market)

Tamako X Mochizou (Tamako market)I just finished it and it is awesome.it also has a movie which is awesomer

My first thought when watching Tamako Market: "She looks like she belongs in K-ON!, and he looks like he should be in Free!"

Everybody loves somebody. In time, everybody falls in love with somebody. Just like how I found you - Dera Mochimazzi [Tamako Market]

Tamako Market looks like it's going to be full of moe.

Tamako Market: this anime was very good, i didn't know that there was also Tamako love story which i am going to watch now. but definetly recommend watch this anime. genre - Slice of Life

Tamako Market! The most kawaii anime ever!

Bessatsu spoon 35 Tamako Market Japanese Anime Magazine w Poster Manga 232