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9 examples of male cosplay. Men do it too.

empty hallway... I don't really know why I'm pinning this in Doctor who but...

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imagine someone covered with red tally marks meeting someone covered with scars, and getting another tally mark onLY THIS TIME IT'S BLACK

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A useful st of 72 number cards - showing Place Value, Numerals, Written Numbers and Tally marks. Great for sorting and ordering games |

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Open. Stucky AU. Post- Winter Soldier. Be Steve?) I always had a black tally mark. No matter what my handlers tried, it was always there and always black. They eventually gave up trying to get rid of it and instead left out the information about what they meant. I had always assumed that it was a tattoo until the bridge. And again at the helicarrier. The man had two tally marks, but only one was black. The other was scarred. I need to ask him what they mean. That's why I'm in his apartment.

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Number Words Printables and Activities: Numbers 0-10

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Eye Dropper Dot Counting

Eye Dropper Dot Counting. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

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