We all like to get free plants. And self-seeders produce new plants for us every year. They are ideal if you want a fuss-free garden, because they require little intervention. Left to bloom and set seed, these prolific varieties will soon fill every available patch in the garden. Here are my top 10 self-seeding plants. 1 Papaver

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Bamboo.planters for garage wall. make pots from concrete pavers. pinch bamboo from mum's garden.

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Trees for small gardens: Spindle tree (Euonymus europaeus) has fantastic fuchsia coloured autumn leaves and unusual orange berries. Ultimate height: 3metres. Find out more about this small, native tree at http://www.gardenersworld.com/plants/euonymus-europaeus/1007.html Photo: Sarah Cuttle

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I love Allums!! They are so confident with their tall statures and huge puffy round blooms!!!

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Foxgloves are great for adding height to the flower garden and creating a cottage garden look. Beautiful flowers but toxic plant - do not have this where children play.

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Ostrich Ferns 'Matteuccia struthiopteris' Native zone 3 ~ 8. Loamy Soil, Moist/Wet Soil The tightly wound immature fronds, fiddleheads, are also used as a cooked vegetable,

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Eremurus robustus The tall flower appear late spring to early summer Pacific Bulb Soci attention to drainage is critical need sun and fertile soil, and without cool to cold winter temperatures they do not flower well. The rootstock should be planted shallowly and care therefore needs to be taken to protect it and the emerging shoota can be quite tall

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maybe could use any sturdy wire to make this for our tall plants in the flower bed....

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