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Edible Art | Absolutely phenominal wedding cake. I'm researching who made this masterpiece. Some may think it's over the top, but either way, the detail is incredible! | REGILLA ᘡղbᘠ




Snowman Glue Craft

Basically, here are the steps:\n 1. You begin by making the cake itself.\n 2. You melt some chocolate in your microwave.\n 3. You cut a sheet of bubble wrap so that it is tall enough and wide enough to cover your cake if you wrap it around the cake’s circumference.\n 4. After you’ve checked that your bubble wrap sheet is the right size, you coat it with the melted chocolate.\n 5. You wait 10 minutes for the chocolate to dry.\n 6. You then apply the bubble wrap to the outside of your cake…

from McGreevy Cakes

How To Make a Cookie Jar Cake


I think tall cakes are kind of majestic. Like, who wants a short stubby cake anyways? So here ya go. This is how I do my double barrel cakes, which is a fancy word for a cake that is double in height. I start with filling and stacking 3 layers of an 8″ cake. Normally I...Read More »