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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler❤️ cutest couple ever, the fact that Austin kisses Vanessa on the forehead shows alot about their relationship. I want this in my future relationship ❤❤

...if I had a quarter for everytime someones called me short, I'd be a trillionaire...

if I had a quarter for everytime someone's called me short, I'd be a trillionaire. "Aww, you're just so adorkable." If it's so cute how short I am, why don't I have a boyfriend?

Reasons for me being single:  1. Too much sarcasm 2. I'm a short potato

Someone from Spokane Valley, Washington, US posted a whisper in the group Single teens, which reads "Reasons for me being single: Too much sarcasm I'm a short potato "


I wish my life story is like anime. It's way better and adventurous! :D <<Namaikizakari *^* ! they're soooooo cute, Naruse puppy's face is just so .

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Dating tall guys

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