Toxic people speak badly about others, are negative, lack compassion, take up way too much of your time, constantly have drama going on, lie to you, criticize you, talk more than they listen, play the victim, lose their temper, have to be right, treat others poorly, are self-obsessed, try to control you, have addiction issues. (Sue Fitzmaurice)

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Windbaggery (WIND-bag-er-ee) Noun: -Lengthy talk or discussion with little or no interesting content. From Late Middle English “windbag” late 15c., “bellows for an organ,” from wind (noun) + bag (noun). Figurative sense of “person who talks too much” is attested from 1827. Used in a sentence: “The manager’s windbaggery is the real reason behind the lack of productivity, which is what he is usually carrying on about.” Patreon:

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Talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much. John Wayne

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DO YOU TALK TOO MUCH? All of us are guilty of at least some of these conversation no-no's. But do we care enough to change our habits? Double-click the image to take you to the wikihow article.

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