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Although repeatedly advised not to, the princess brought along her copy of the novel. With these dragging on for hours, boredom was easily brought on. May as well entertain herself rather than end up snoring in the middle.

Caliburn was the sword pulled from the stone. When it later broke in half, the lady of the lake handed Excalabur to Arthur. Caliburn Excalabur are often mistaken for one sword x ¥ x ⭐NB⭐


Saoirse Ronan was featured in a Vogue article about Pre-raphaelite art. In this photograph she is depicted as a recreation of a pre-raphaelite painting.


At first, a magical inspiration. Now, take a moment and focus. Suddenly, you begin to travel in a "stop and go" pace, the natural steps become distinct, fireflies lead you on the trail of an immeasurably glorious destiny. Everywhere you look it is nothing but a carousel of magical and enchanting inspirations. Unlike a fairy tale, it is real. "Come on, let's go!" Remember, the child in you never disappears... Shape of the path


Emrys - one of my favourite scenes, due to the character realisation for Merlin in his confidence, strength of power and therefore fear of his own self.


arcrux: Once upon a time… | via Tumblr on We Heart It - Hearted from:


gicabyte: I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway.  Page 1 (I realized that I really love to torture myself with backgrounds and lighting but it’s all worth it. I have a lot of notes for this page but I’ll refrain from sharing them ‘til later, so it can be interpreted however you like! )


When the ancient Irish Gods, the Tuatha De Danann left their Hyperborean Urheimat to colonize Eire with the permission of their chief God, The Dagda they brought with them 4 sacred objects which feature in Celtic Mythology, the Stone of Destiny[Lia Fail], the Spear of Lugh[Slea Luin], the Sword of Nuada[Claiomh Solais] and the Cauldron of the Dagda[Coire Ansease].


Destiny Poets | The Destiny Poets: producing a new inclusive style of monthly “Not Just Poetry” workshops centred out of Destiny Church Wake...