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Her Majesty: new book of photographs celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II

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Goddess Between Realms There are two sides to the amazing goddess. On her right she is Egyptian – the land of the Pharoahs and pyramids, with hierogliphics and symbols on her cloak. On her left side however she is merging with the Brazilian jungle, with all the exotic animals and plants. Below the jungle there is a wonderful parade going on with music and costume – it must be ‘Mardi-Gras’..!!

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Prince On Stage 1986 by Dave Hogan! (Like the photo credit! Photographer probably had rolls and rolls from that concert!) Plus, this would make a GREAT alternative or Live Parade album cover!

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Starting school guys, won't be on much... Sorry and wish me luck. New school, new people, new ways to embarrass myself

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Gerard Way ~ Truth, Mystery and Myth

cause we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school ✧>>>>holy smokes

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Mikey Way. Bassist for MCR<3 "I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone."<3

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