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Tal Wilkenfeld – Jazz Relax

Tal Wilkenfeld All the way from Sydney, Australia. Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce you an amazing electric bass player, born on the 2nd of December of 1986. T


Tal Wilkenfeld (born: December 2, 1986, Sydney, Australia) is an Australian bass guitarist who has gained worldwide attention performing alongside some of rock and jazz music's most notable artists.


Tal Wilkenfeld (Australian who left home at 16 to study music in Calafornia. Learned several instruments. Now plays bass for Jeff Beck' s band.


Tal and her Fender bass #talwilkenfeld #music #bass #guitar #live #gig #hair #strings #tal #wilkenfeld by samdguitarman

6 | Tal Wilkenfeld | HERBIE HANCOCK – The Imagine Project June 26, 2010 @ Mainstage, Toronto Jazz Festival


bantigernae: god Tal Wilkenfeld is only a couple of years older than me AND SHE GETS TO PLAY BASS WITH THE JEFF BECK GROUP JUST


Our good friend Tal Wilkenfeld opening up for The Who at Joe Louis Arena. Photo by Brandon Nagy. @talmeastory @brandonaartist @thewho #bassplayer #bassplayermag by bassplayermag