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Please Take What You Need

takewhatyouneed The best campaign ever! It's the first week of school, everyone needs something so I'll keep this on my office door.

Free Take What You Need Values Poster. Would be cute to incorporate into a pay it forward project :)

Free Take What You Need Values Poster . paint the inspirations/words on pebbles and keep in a bowl so people can take whichever one they need (don't use stones that are too large!

from our friends at James River High School, Richmond, Va. I've been meeting with some kids from the Leadership Center at James River High. I was introduced to them by their Ethics teacher Mr. Coui...

I had this idea floating around in my head about making an interactive bulliten board using pull tabs with sweet messages for my school and came across this which is a great option too! Totally doing this! Make this valentines day

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