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New: Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel) & @chefchrisirving at @realmarksheppard & @slsheppard 's wedding Mark! Repost from @chefchrisirving: "When the groom photo bombs a couple of Yukoner's sunset shot... 😂 #photobomb #groom #yukon #yukoner #california #Malibu #LA #belairbayclub #wedding"

Tahmoh-Penikett Det. Dylan Bourne, After being sent on a covert mission by the CIA, Dylan and his team are thrust into a world of alternate realities. After a traitor exposes their plans, the mission is sent haywire and Dylan is blamed for the murders of Doctor Ezekiel Bond and three of his team mates. Dylan goes on the run from the law with his family, but a larger danger lurks in the shadows, only known as 'The Nowhere Men'. Married to Teressa Bourne, father to Tyler and Derek Bourne


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