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TAEKWONDO (I had yellow but then I stopped)

Except I do Tang Soo Do! And there is no blue belt, it is white, yellow, orange, orange with a stripe, green, green with a stripe, green with a stripe, red, red with a stripe-me, red with a stripe, red with a stripe, black...

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FOLDING A KARATE GI I had heard this from Kyoshi last week, apparently it doesn't get wrinkled this way. -Ingrid

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Martial Arts belt rack. Great storage & display for medals, belts & trophies. Kung fu, karate, judo etc. search for RonJohn Home Improvements on facebook as he makes bespoke furniture inc this.

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Taekwondo-ART: Original Designs Promoting the Martial Art of Taekwondo | Iceni Post: News and Events from the North folk & South folk - Community Blog for Norfolk and Suffolk

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The math is wrong on this.... but it's still a good point. A black belt, (according to the 20 in 10,000 referenced above) is 1 in 500 for 1st dan and 1 in 2000 for 2nd Dan.

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'Black Belt' Wall Sign

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