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Miller Bros. Blades Custom Made M-16 Tactical Sword.....Nice blade, not sure if its worth $1400

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Half Life Knives Battle Cleaver made from stainless clad 1095, with chollo cactus furniture...

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Cold Steel 39LSFD Leatherneck-SF Fixed 6.75-Inch, D2 Tactical Knife Blade

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Miller Bros. Blades AXE This model is available in Z-Wear PM,, Z-Tuff PM steels. Miller Bros. Blades Custom Handmade Knives, Swords & Tomahawks.

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- Riddicks Fantasy Claw Knives - Riddick's fantasy knives are a replica from the movie Chronicles of Riddick.

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Ancient Spear - 75in

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double bladed staff | ... can be used as twin swords, a heavy staff, a double-bladed staff or

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Miller Bros Blades M-13 Tactical Sword available in Z-Wear PM, CPM 3V and Z-Tuff PM Steel. Handmade Swords, Knives & Tomahawks/Axes

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