Shelf idea: for extra storage in barn such as winter blankets, spare saddle pads, polo wraps, horse sprays, etc.

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I like the idea of hanging the saddle pad separate from the saddle. Keeps them together but allows plenty of room to dry out after use.

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Garage storage - use a pallet! Pick one up behind a store, bolt into beams, and done! 15 minute project for organization!

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Love seeing an organized tack room with everything off the ground. I see so many unorganized that I desire only this! I especially love that the brushes are up and in easy reach.

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Okay, this is fabulous. Especially when picking up and moving poles from jump to jump and here and there seems to be a never ending task. Plus, it would keep them clean and looking nice so they never have to be washed. ( a loathsome task. )

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