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How To Make a Cross Cut Sled for a Table Saw

This table saw cross cut sled features an expandable clamp system running on aluminum tracks. Table saws come in all sizes, with different sized tops and miter slots, however no matter what size you've got you can design a sled for it. This jig is made to fit my small saw specifically, however you can pretty easily accommodate this design to work with any model you've got.

Table saw accessories - If you don't own a Disc sander you can buy a disc for your table saw.

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Tune Up Your Table Saw With a 2x4

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Table Saw Tips and Tricks

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Step up the Accuracy of your Cuts with this Must-Have Table Saw Accessory! The Wixey Digital Table Saw Fence Readout provides unmatched accuracy in setting up and locating the rip fence on your table saw. It eliminates the frustration and guesswork when using your saw's built-in scale, tape measure, or ruler. The readout mounts to your existing table saw fence. It comes complete with a drill bit and self-tapping screws to mount the rails to the bottom of your saw's rip fence rail. Fits…

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Check out the information listed in the forum comments on creating a zero clearance insert after making the router table insert.

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