Apples and ABC's: A Pocket Full of Synonyms. Such a cute interactive Wall! Love how she used CTP's Lime Green Chevron Borders too.

A pocket full of synonyms: interactive bulletin board. You can make this bulletin board with anything that has pockets. I found these colorful popcorn bags at a party store. On the outside of the pocket you place the "overused words," and inside are "impr

downloads for compound words, contractions, syllable sorts, homophones, synonyms, and verbs and nouns

The First Grade Sweet Life: End of the Year Testing Printables - Contractions, Syllables, Verbs, Nouns, Etc Printables (Early)

Tired Words - I would write the synonyms on popcicle sticks to make more durable...but love the idea!

Wake up those tired words

Interactive Word Wall --- this is a great idea for teaching students to spice up their writing. Can gather words from students' writing and then create a word wall for synonyms.

For my classroom :) Descriptive word wall! Sometimes you can get a few free french frie containers at McDonalds, just ask!

10 simple ways to make adjectives and adverbs FUN!

Synonym rolls! How cute... not for my young kids, but maybe for some of my teacher friends who teach older kids??

Synonym rolls: You pass out cinnamon roll shapes to your students. Then, on the spiral around the synonym roll, they write synonyms they could use to replace it.