Sylvia (2003). Story of the relationship between the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

Sylvia (2003)

Pictures & Photos from Sylvia - IMDb zoek jij het even op lijkt me leuke film

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Posted in loving memory of Alison Grint (nee Gilbert), 1968-2015. The Bell Jar was a favourite book of hers. Look at the circle, old feature of films when it ends and the circle encases a person, narrows down onto them. like in tom and jerry. claustrophobia

The Book Bucket List of a Twenty-Something

Sylvia Likens - Murder victim from Indiana. She was tortured to death by Gertrude Baniszewski, Gertrude's children, and other young people from their neighborhood. Her parents had left her, and her sister, in the care of the Baniszewski family three months before her death so they could work the carnival. There was a book and movie made about "the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana"

Sylvia Likens - Murder victim from Indiana. She was tortured to death by…

Sylvia - Your nobody called today...... For some reason I think it would have been easier this way. Alas, poor Sylvia knee nothing of cell phones and text messages which are much easier to hide and communicate by than the old traditional phone lines, even before caller id.

Hey you listen to this. This was my house music@ the age of Lol one of my favorite songs. Takes me back to so good child memories.

On the fifth day of Gideon my lover said to me…#12DaysofGideon

I sat on the counter watching him as he poured 2 cups of orange juice, my eyes raking over every amazing inch of him. His eyes catch mine, he walks over with the oj in hands and settles between my legs, "Keep looking at me like that and see what happens.

Rosalind Russell, "The Women", 1939. Love this movie! A must see for all women.

Fowler, you’ve got the high-sterics!” Marjorie Main’s character Lucy cries as she drags Sylvia Fowler, played by Rosalind Russell, away from the scene Sylvia’s just made a mess of.

Katharine Hepburn as Sylvia Scarlett, 1935

Katharine Hepburn as Sylvia Scarlett, 1935

Sylvia Sidney

Sylvia Sidney

Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed