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Swiss Guard at the Vatican- Recruits to the guard must be Catholic, single males with Swiss citizenship who have completed basic training with Swiss military and can obtain certificates of good conduct.Recruits must have a professional degree or high school diploma, must be between 19 and 30 years of age,and at least 5 feet 8.5 in. tall.

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In 1529, the 189 members of the Swiss Guard stood against 20,000 mercenaries to buy the Pope time to escape

Swiss Guard at the Vatican (technically not Italy, The Vatican is a separate country). The Swiss Guards are very handsome!

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The Swiss Guard, founded in 1506, consist of 100 volunteers who must be of Swiss nationality, Catholic, single, at least 174 cm (5.7 ft) tall and without a beard. They celebrate their 503rd anniversary this year. New recruits are sworn in every year on May 6 to commemorate the day where 147 Swiss soldiers died defending the Pope during an attack on Rome in 1527.

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