Swing Dance--all you need is that face the whole time and you're set! @Debs Denny

A swing dancing photo (would be a super cute engagment photo if my future hubby was a swing dancer)

How to Do Basic Swing Dance Steps | Ballroom Dance - YouTube

Learn how to do basic swing dance steps from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast.

very basic swing dance moves. this youtube page has lots of different videos to help you learn even more swing steps.

Learn how to do the single step move in this free video lesson on swing dancing. Expert: Ross Safronoff Ross Safronoff of Awake Entertainment has a long his.

Vintage Swing Dance Photo....I have always wanted to learn how to swing dance it's on my buckit list

Farewell letter from

Dancing is something that I will always and eternally enjoy with my partner! Crowd watching a couple dance in Jitterbug Dance contest Los Angeles, California, 1939

Swing- Lindy Hop Dance lessons level 1 Taught by the king of Lindy Hop, Fankie Manning

Swing- Lindy Hop Dance lessons level Hop, the Savoy Lounge style taught by Frankie Manning who perfected during the Harlem Renaissance era.

Swing Dance Lifts - Bing Images

Swing Dance Lifts - Bing Images Swing is soooo fun! I'm sooo looking foreward to competing in it this year. Curses that we can't do lifts though!

How to Swing dance online with videos. East Coast swing dance lessons for beginners. Watch them from your home and learn step by step. Free to all!

Learn beginner Salsa dance steps with 4 videos. Learn how to dance Salsa basic steps on 1 and Salsa on These videos are for beginner level dancers.

Ballroom Dancing Etiquette: 12 Key Rules

Whether you're heading off to your next fundraiser, masquerade ball, or dance lesson. Here are a few simple things to .

east coast swing pretzels, tunnel, bull rider, four leaf clover

east coast swing pretzels, tunnel, bull rider, four leaf clover - reminds me of what we learned in Costa Rica.