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Robert Montgomery's light installation at the former swimming pool Stattbad Wedding in Berlin, as part of his Echoes of Voices project


Dear Santa: if you delivered this pool to my imaginary house in Fiji, I'd be a lot better at the swimming part of the triathlon. xoxo, Meg. PS, I've been very very "nice" this year!


David Hockney and the Californian swimming pool in photography

Works by droll conceptualist David Hockney may have played a major part in the construction of California's modern identity, according to a new exhibition.


1964- The owner of the Monson Motel pours acid in the swimming pool to force the black children out who attempted to integrate the pool. This is the same hotel that denied entry to Martin Luther King Jr that same year. It became an important location in the St. Augustine Movement, which is a major part of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s.


▶ Natural Swimming Pools - YouTube A montage of Woodhouse Natural Swimming Pool's finished projects, including formal and informal natural swimming ponds, swimming pool conversions and part self-build pools.

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55 Blair Road / Ong & Ong

Minimal, sleek design is part of the inspiration for the #Swarovski #tropicalparadise collection