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Swift Message Types

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Hermes, or Mercury to the Romans, is the god of commerce and the trade. He also delivered the divine message to mortals and deities alike. This swift god stole his brother Apollo's prized bulls moments after his birth. Zeus was impressed by the little thief and as to spare feelings Hermes introduced the Lyre and other types of music to Apollo.

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Understanding Optionals in Swift What are they for? In Objective-C, you can safely send a message to nil, which will return something treated as nil, or NO, or 0(this variety is part of the reason Swift has optionals, of which more later). This is a useful and powerful feature, but it only applies to Objective-C objects. There’s no universal way to deal with absent or no-value types such as integers, floats or Booleans.

A Swift Current's latest-a message to readers featuring Kathleen Novaks' Clarity--' ninety, you have a different type of clarity at ninety, after all, you know what you know..."

6 Best Top-Rated VoIP Providers Home and office lines are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of easy-to-use and low-cost VoIP software. After all who wants to pay many times the cost for a service that's effectively the same? So we've gone through to compare some of the best VoIP operators out there! In a day and age where just about everyone has a smartphone that's with them all the time the need for landline-type services are on the swift decline. But Verizon Comcast Time Warner and…

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Military Messenger Dogs were trained to deliver messages in battle because they were swift, stable and capable of finding their way in any type of weather. Most messenger dogs were about 15 inches in height and weighed 15 pounds or less.

Taylor Swift posted this photo and message today... Thank you to Chef Jeanie at Ella's Fine Food and Drink for giving us the best and only cooking lesson we've ever had! Lorde

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Ultimate Typing Software | » EMOJIs, Touch Type Your Way To Create One. You Can’t Believe #13 –AMAZING! (PHOTOS)