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Cardamom and raspberry Swedish buns recipe

Cardamom and raspberry Swedish buns - made with a brioche-style dough and filled with raspberries, the family will love them.

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Swedish meatballs

Swedish meatballs - can easily rival the meatballs from 'that' furniture store!

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10 ways to bring hygge into your life and home (or 10 ways to beat the winter blues

If you’ve got the winter blues or are just feeling the chill of the season then what you need is a bit of Danish Hygge in your life. Hygge (pronounced hooga) translates as cosiness but is so much more than that, it’s about embracing the season and finding warmth in every situation. The Danes are …

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Patrik Hansson

The jewellery designed by Swedish silver and goldsmith Patrik Hansson, is as refined and minimalist as possible. It is easy to see Patrik Hansson’s roots in graphic design, an education he undertook before turning to jewellery. Basic geometric shapes like squares, circles and loops are layered and deconstructed precisely. Every detail is thought through, every perspective considered and perfected. So why didn’t he stick to graphic design? He finds inspiration in working with his hands. The…

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#oscarproperties Oscar Properties, Stockholm, interior, design, windows, stockholm, sweden, sea view, view, balcony, sofa, sky

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Swedish Rag Rugs from The Northern House. I love the larger design at the ends; that's unusual in a rug such as this.

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