Postcard a boy FOLK COSTUME Leksand, Dalarna Sweden

Sweden Store - vintage and more Postcard a boy FOLK COSTUME Leksand, Dalarna Sweden - A boy dressed in a folk costume from Leksand, Dalarna.

Ragnhild Lome från Folkdräktsinstitutet i Fagernes, Norge, i sin Valdres dräkt, en rekonstruktion av en tidig 1800-talsdräkt. Ur boken Scandinavian Folklore som kommer ut i april. (Foto Laila Durán, Scandinavian Folklore)

Scandinavian folk costume / The shawl looks Russian, must be a southern SAMPTI Bunad. But the Red wrap -- is unfamiliar to me.

from Hemantaru's gallery on deviantART.  "This costume is the kind that was used by noble women in Finland during the iron-age"

Viking-age woman by ~Aspova on deviantART Cool clothing - check out the beads at the neck.

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Rättvik, Mora and Leksandskulla folk dress in Sweden from Dalarna region. Note the middle dress: green skirt with pale blue embroidered apron with red vest.

The Story of a Seamstress: Scandinavian Folk Costumes

folk wear from Scandinavia. (VI Fit Network) (LilDuckieArts) (LilDuckieArts) lee lange ~ art church we're fabulous visual curators

Folk Costume & Embroidery: Overview of north Saami costume

Overview of Saami costume

Regional costumes of Southern Sweden

Even small differences in the bodice and skirt can make the outfit unique.

The ladies of the Swedish Royal Family dressed in traditional folk costume for the celebration of National Day on June 6, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. HRH Queen Silvja and HRH Crown Princess Victoria are wearing the white hats customary of married woman; Princess Madeleine is not as she was not yet married at the time.

From the left : Princess Madeleine , Crownprincess Victoria with daughter Estelle and Queen Silvia of Sweden in Swedish national folk costume

Women from Småland, Sweden

I remember dressing in Folk Costume except mine was from Skona.Folk Costume from the Smolandia / Småland Province in Sweden

Folk costumes of Dala-Floda, Dalarna,Sweden

Needle work that takes your breath away. Also note the fashionable bright blue apron, this also became popular as anilin dyes became available. Photo and text by Laila.