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US ~ a national nonprofit organization and website for creating Law Enforcement Supportive Fundraisers.


I'm going to be using the vest this officer is wearing as inspiration for my characters vest, pulling key parts from it in my design.

SWAT Workout

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Your life and that of others is not a competition it's not a game it's not something to take lightly. Get Quality Instruction don't settle for anyone claiming to understand real life training & labeling themselves as firearm/personal protection instructors. When results count seek out the professionals. Train like you'll fight and you will fight like you train! There is no second place in a gun fight..... Midwest SWAT Academy Results you can Count on! PLAN - PREPARE - PROTECT

"The different between competition and combat is rules. if there are rules it's a sport. In a fight, if you are NOT cheating you are not trying hard enough to win.