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Prior to "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" only ground-floor interior sets, such as the kitchen, existed for The Burrow, while all exterior shots were generated with CGI. “We wanted everything - from the furniture through to the crockery on the kitchen table - to look as if it had been bought in second-hand shops, picked up at swap meets, or rescued from curbs.” - Stephenie McMillan #HarryPotter

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I feel like this is a gender swapped conversation between Margo and Julian XD a normal one would be like: Julian: *sees Margo's dress* There has to be more to that dress. Margo: There's not. XD

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#MobmerryStories #FlashbackFriday: Amanda Woods - Cameron Diaz The Holiday The movie is about two women from different backgrounds and countries swapping their homes during the Christmas season to 'find love and themselves'. . . . . . #Mobmerry #MobmerryBuzz #theLeatherBoutique #AND #Levis #instadaily #instagood #instamood #instalook #instalove #beautiful #pretty #fashion #fashionista #actress #hollywood #Bengalurutrends #Bengaluru #style #trend #trendingnow #onlineshopping #shopping #shop…

23 Perfectly Quaint Wes Anderson Products

Trio Of Hand-Embroidered Anderson-Themed Hankies, $88.49 | 23 Perfectly Quaint Wes Anderson Products

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The Multi-coloued Swap Shop on Saturday Mornings, this along with the banana splits and the monkees started a day full of sweets, comics and 44 scat.

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Drive-in theaters: By 2013, drive-ins comprised only 1.5% of movie screens in the United States. At the industry's height, 25% of the nation's movie screens had been in a drive-in. Many drive-in movie sites remain, repurposed as storage or flea market sites, often after residential housing or other higher value uses came to the lightly populated or unpopulated areas. The largest drive-in theater in the world, the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop, doubles as the world's largest daily flea market.

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$5 Karate, the Hand of Death Movie Posters From Movie Poster Shop

These 18 Hidden Gems In Florida Will Blow You Away

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