Free as a bird? Never. Human intelligence is far too advanced to ever be free as that of a bird... i must be stupid then ;) :) <3

I chose this white swan because there was a lake at the campus with a swan. The swan was known for biting people.

99% of swans only have one partner their their whole lifetime, if the mate dies the swan can pass away from a broken heart. Although, 1% has been observed to move on and find a new partner.

Swan heart so sweet. These beautiful birds have one love forever. I have read that if one dies the other one can actually die of a broken heart. Together they have formed a heart of Love.

Swan this I also would like to do in origami foldind techniques because I think there are many ways how to do it. Some of them are easy and basic and another are harder and nicer when it is finished.

White Swan Reflection in a Black Lake: White Swan looking at its own Reflection, the lake is black like a night. White Swan looks like a angle in the dark.

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Cisne- "Swans have one partner their entire lives. If one partner dies, the other can pass away from a broken heart.

Pascal Silvain Arabatzis - Wild Swans

rhubarbes:Wild Swans by Pascal Silvain Arabatzis. More Animals here. ~sandra de~My Romantic Heart~

The world's most pure animal: the White Swan

Picture of Graceful Swan On A Lake In Black And White. Stock Photo by Basmeelker from the collection iStock. Get affordable Stock Photos at Thinkstock.

Bewick Swans by mikeD_CircleD.  Bewick swans are a smaller subspecies of the trumpeter swan.

Bewick Swans - in flight - by mikeD_CircleD.- Bewick swans are a smaller subspecies of the trumpeter swan.