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Release your deepest tensions with Svaroopa® Yoga.


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Svaroopa Yoga – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? Great gift: classes at a yoga studio or gym membership

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Svaroopa Yoga for relief from pain, faster healing, greater relaxation, more peace of mind

The Magic Four - 4 yoga poses for spinal decompression...


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How to do Svaroopa Yoga Poses. Therapeutic and relaxing, Svaroopa is a unique variation of yoga which literally means ‘bliss of your being’. Svaroopa yoga poses make use of additional supporting material such as soft blankets and yoga blocks. This ensures that each Svaroopa yoga pose is able to elongate and decompress the spine along its entire length. This form of yoga is not as fast paced and grueling as Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga. However, that is exactly what sets Svaroopa yoga poses…


Full-Spectrum Yoga Svaroopa® yoga is full-spectrum yoga. You can have it all — body, mind & more. Offering you even more than healing and transformative asana (poses) for your body,


Why Svaroopa Yoga? - BLISS YOGA, RESTORATIVE YOGA This is the one if you can't do all that other stuff.

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