2004 SUZUKI WAGON R E MA34S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2004_SUZUKI_WAGON_R_E_MA34S-2z7H9J1PUbRt1R-1363

2000 SUZUKI WAGON R MC21S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2000_SUZUKI_WAGON_R__MC21S-29DWrJ7QVF1ouYN-4526

2009 SUZUKI WAGON R X MH23S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2009_SUZUKI_WAGON_R_X_MH23S-FXRk8bHMHlUDs-717

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Suzuki revealed all-new Wagon R and Stingray in Japan The biggest Japanese carmaker, Suzuki has revealed 2017 Suzuki Wagon R and 2017 Stingray models in Japan. The all-new Wagon R gets the new changes in styling and additional design cues compared to its predecessor. The new one gets the tallboy design and upright two-piece grille at the front side. The grille edged by the square headlamps on the Wagon R standard model.

, Suzuki Wagon R Wagon R Bagian Depan Mobil Suzuki Wagon R Wagon R Car Lcgc Car Mobil Lcgc Mobil Ramah Lingkungan Mobil Suzuki:

2000 SUZUKI WAGON R MC11S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2000_SUZUKI_WAGON_R__MC11S-8DbTi2v4xd8hx-130

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2005 SUZUKI WAGON R FX_S_LTD MH21S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2005_SUZUKI_WAGON_R_FX_S_LTD_MH21S-8cxzeLZxrnKZyM-5005

2001 SUZUKI WAGON R MC22S - http://jdmvip.com/jdmcars/2001_SUZUKI_WAGON_R__MC22S-w57WLqvHYJhaR-559

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