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Morrison Utility wins £80m Affinity Water mains renewal deal

I Hate Hangers. What Are Some Alternatives? — Good Questions

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The six-story vertical garden consists of a metal frame structure built on a dividing wall between the library and an existing apartment building. Plants are inserted into the frame between two metal grids using synthetic felted material, which can be easily accessed from several corridors in the back and can be replaced. A suspended scaffold hangs from the front and allows workers to prune or replace plants as necessary.

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At least 140,000 homes without power because of St Jude's storm

Carnage: This street in Leyton, east London was strewn with debris after raging winds tore down shopfront scaffolding

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Edgware Road station, Metropolitan Railway, looking west, during construction. It can be seen that the walls, platforms and roof are substantially complete, although scaffolding is still in place below the latter. A man is working on the building between the platforms (background centre) perched somewhat precariously on a plank suspended between two of the windows. Piles of rubble are visible on both platforms. The tracks appear to be of a temporary nature. Unknown photographer, circa…

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The British government suspended habeas corpus in 1817. By suspending habeas corpus, Parliament effectively allowed detention without trial. Liberty Suspended by George Cruikshank deploys Magna Carta to condemn this legislation. A printing press serves as a scaffold, from which Liberty hangs, gagged, bound and holding a scroll inscribed with the watchwords of British constitutionalism, ‘Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus’. LMA

Ceiling Mounted Shelves Made to Measure. Suspended Scaffold Shelving Idea for Bedroom or Bathroom. Floating Shelf Kit System. FREE UK P&P

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Hanging Temple, Heng Shan - Rickety wooden shrines to China's three main faiths, suspended on a cliff-face by flimsy-looking scaffolding

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