Maki-San Sushi Store / Corporate Design / Verpackungsdesign mit pop­pigen Farben und Essensmustern


Here you go expanded pin a fresh take on sushi – Maki-San was soo popular 2013 toppin PD

TOKYO TEY Sushi Store

TOKYO TEY Sushi Store

Mode:lina architekci chose the color scheme based on the food Tokyo Tey, a newly opened sushi store in Pozna?, Poland, would be serving.

Taka Sushi. Our new design for this great Sushi store #interior #design…

The design for Taka Sushi reinterprets the traditional structure of Japanese roofs by emphasising the design and organisation of custom modular timber crates to create an inviting and powerful shopfront.

TOKYO TEY Sushi Store, Poznan, 2016 - mode:lina architekci

„As fans of Japanese healthy lifestyle we would like to offer You a new original approach to sushi.” – Tokyo Tey Architects of mode:lina designed the very first sushi store located in the main shopping area of Poznań (PL).

Sushi packaging design

lasercut nori for designer sushi developed by creative agency I BBDO for the umino seaweed shop