Vietnamese spring rolls with a vegetarian twist, featuring smoked tofu to make delightfully aromatic, crispy, crunchy tofu summer rolls which are vegetarian and vegan. You can make these in the kitchen to wow your guests or build them at the table so everyone can get their hands dirty.

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The next time you are craving sushi, how about making it yourself? All you need is some sushi rice (you CAN use leftover white rice, but this would taste better), sheets of nori (seaweed), a sushi rolling mat and your favorite sushi ingredients. Do the classic California roll (avocado, imitation crab meat, cucumber, daikon radish) or go crazy with your own unique sushi invention (tempeh? smoked salmon? shredded kale? Anything goes). Don't get discouraged if your rolls end up messy the first…

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Strawberry Sushi Rolls: Use a sushi rolling mat to make them. and the correct kind of rice to make sure they remain compact. Sushi rice works perfectly or Arborio can also work. Avoid Basmati because it's too loose.

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Vegan Sushi Tutorial WITHOUT Sushi Roll Mat (shape variations + sushi rice recipe + filling ideas) | Healthiecook

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