SUSAN WHEELER-This is one of my favorite prints from Susan Wheeler.

The Village Toymaker - from the Holly Pond Hill series by artist Susan Wheeler. Have this, but a plate.

susan wheeler ~ holly pond hill

You can always identify a Susan Wheeler painting by the sweet smiles she puts on her bunnies.

this is how I like New Year's Day to be - susan wheeler ★

Susan Wheeler Holly Pond Hill Mouse Thinking Praying You Greeting Card

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Holly Pond Hill illustration by Susan Wheeler ~ Charming fairy-tale world of animals, created by Texas artist Susan Wheeler in the technique of watercolor

Susan Wheeler ★

Susan Wheeler ✿ "Boat ✿ Watermelon ✿ Rabbits ✿ Bunnies ✿ Lake ✿ Water ✿ Joy ✿ Outside ✿ Picknick ✿ Happiness" Illustration