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Susan Schofield

Hope Gangloff

An interview by Yuri Masnyj from Hope Gangloff- A NY based contemporary female artist; on her early life at her parents' farm, her art, and inspirations. (BOMB Magazine- Literature and Art in conversation) -- Venelina Vateva


'Rats told our daughter to kill her baby brother': Mum's shocking tale of bringing up a child with schizophrenia

Susan Schofield's young daughter is one a handful of children in the world who has schizophrenia - and her son may have the condition too

Susan Sarandon: ping-pong queen

Susan Sarandon playing ping pong at the club she helped set up in LA's Standard hotel. Photograph: Steve Schofield for the Observer


Jamie Schofield I'm aggravated every time I hear the tired old canard about "controlling women's bodies." Really? Tell me all about how Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne want to "control women's bodies." They're both pro-life. I suppose Susan B. Anthony wanted to control women's bodies? And Elizabeth Cady Stanton? And the first female presidential candidate Victoria Woodhull?


Beautiful Embroidery Projects

A teal pillow beautifully showcases a chromatic cascade of diverse flower shapes that form the S. Pink and mauve stitched roses highlight the center of the letter. Bell-shape and multiple-petal blooms in pink, blue, and mauve ribbon follow the letter's curves. Petite buds, rendered with French knots, line up along embroidered stems sprouting ribbon-stitched leaves.


Refugio They Named You Wrong Susan Schofield, Schofield, Susan Clark

On Dr. Phil Today - The Jani Foundation was founded by Michael and Susan Schofield. Named for their daughter, Jani, diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia at 6 years old, Michael and Susan felt alone in their struggle to keep Jani alive.


4-27-2015 For ‪#‎MakingadifferenceMonday‬, we want to give a shout out to the volunteers and Vita-Living staff that helped set up/take down, sell fundraising raffles, do food prep, registered teams and handed out give-aways for the 2nd Annual Clays for Care Sporting Classic. Without these folks, this event would have been fine, but not a smashing success like it turned out! The one person that truly made a difference that day was Susan Schofield.