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The Survivors Episode 1 ( The Survivors: The Worlds of Aldebaran) (Paperback)

Designated Survivor - Episode 1.09 - The Blueprint - Promo Sneak Peek Promotional Photos & Press Release

Emma asking Killian out on a date. #CaptainSwan #4x04 #TheApprentice "you know how to chase a monster, i know how to plan an evening out."


'Arrow' Season 3 Recap, Episode 7: 'Draw Back Your Bow' -

Oceanic whitetip shark with an entourage of pilot fish. The whitetip is a large pelagic shark inhabiting tropical and warm temperate seas. This aggressive but slow-moving fish dominates feeding frenzies, and is a danger to shipwreck or air crash survivors. Recent studies show steeply declining populations because its large fins are highly valued as the chief ingredient of shark fin soup...The pilot fish eats ectoparasites on, and leftovers around the host species.