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Today’s Angel Card – What do you do when someone sees through you ? Carl I hear you. You're talking from the head, but your eyes , they're telling me something else. #lost

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#Quotes by #Rumi - Surrendering to Love, or The Source, is the only real purpose…

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Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing...

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I love this... A good memory l to keep in mind in moments of fluster... :)

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quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons. Eckhart Tolle | "I am not at peace right now, and that's okay." When we resist and resent our suffering, it causes more suffering. It's just what it is, and it's all okay.

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chronic pain/ CRPS/ trigeminal neuralgia/ lupus/ fibromyalgia/ inflammation/ rheumatoid arthritis

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