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A Mind-Bottling Magic Trick From Argentina

http://UpCycle.Club Organize Later All Sweet Procrastinations pinteresting broad board in association with Forever Elusive merely present this paradoxical #gifart found on @tumblr On a #vidart non videri note we present a mind-bottling magic trick captured on camera by our prolific member Roman Buil from UpCycle.Club Catalunya while he was visiting our community from our digiClub in Argentina @upcycleclub


Cyclists prepare for the start of the 56th Giro d'Italia cycling race in Italy, 1973 - via reddit [[MORE]] Photo by Norbert Rzepka.


Tweet Share 0 Reddit +1 Pinterest 0 LinkedIn 0 Email The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the country’s elite military force, is sending assets to infiltrate the United States and Europe at the direction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to recent Farsi-language comments from an Iranian military leader. The IRGC “will be in the …

28 Fascinating Photos From Around The World

A vierling, a beautiful antique German (combination) gun / handy for (shotgun / rifle ) together in one supreme weapon ✅