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Capitol Hill (USA). 'You’re welcome to go inside the mighty, white-domed edifice and count the statues, ogle the frescoes and visit the chambers of the folks who run the country. Afterward, call on the neighbors. The Supreme Court and Library of Congress also reside up here, across the street from the Capitol.'


Art Deco building in Mumbai, India with two elongated statues flanking the door. They are armed and dangerous.


Marble, drape and justice: inside the U.S. Supreme Court

A circular staircase is seen in the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, U.S. January (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)


Lloyd L. Gaines - Vanished in March 1939 During the most important court case of U.S civil rights movement resulting in the NAACP dropping the case.


Gossip Columns: Origins are sown from ancient building structures of the world thus pagan. Columns pillars & posts support open spaces & focal points for diverse pagan activities in times past and to date; Gossipmongering was widespread amongst such settings in ancient times & carried forward today via other world means: The gutter press, magazines, social media & other internet sources, wherefrom have public open spaces for leaves of gossip: as of the dogs hanging around posts: Rev 22:15.