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He's got your back no, no, my dear she has it as fierce as he looks, she'll rip anyone apart who messes with those she loves!It's the female that is protecting him. Remember that. Females protect in most species.

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My husband has had his bad moments and hard times, but overall he has kept this promise. I have heard so many stories of husbands leaving their sick wives, and I'm very glad my husband is not one of them! The longer I am sick, the more we work on how to handle it and the better we get at dealing with it.

5 Ways to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend

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How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! Yes, to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

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I'm tired. I'm tired of taking blame for others' pain, anger, low self esteem and lack of confidence.

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oh yesss. you don't say someone single is asexual, so why'd you say a bi dating someone of the opposite gender is straight?

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It Doesn't Matter What's In Front of Her... ... Be Sure To Visit <3 <3

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