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The only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach 2 (1,350 mph). Taken from an RAF Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for 4 minutes over the Irish Sea: The Tornado was rapidly running out of fuel, struggling to keep up with Concorde at Mach 2.


Tornado, 41 Squadron Royal Air Force. This is what I call low-level bombing!


F22 goes transonic in a cloud. Literally.The plane’s near-supersonic speed changes the temperature and pressure of the air around it, causing ambient moisture to condense. Clouds naturally follow.


(VIDEO) UFO at supersonic speed filmed, sent to NASA : Headlines : Headlines & Global News

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A USAF T-38C training jet flying at supersonic speed

A USAF T-38C training jet flying at supersonic speed and the shockwaves it creates #images #physics #technology #air #jet #plane #shockwaves #sky #supersonic speed

BIG's Hyperloop pods to travel at "near supersonic speed" - YouTube


Blackburn Buccaneer S2. Using the more powerful Spey engines. The aircraft was designed to run at high subsonic speed at low level, but the lack of supersonic performance meant it was reluctantly accepted by the RAF after the cancellation of the TSR2. Always seen as a stopgap, the aircraft suffered from a lack of development of its radar and electronics.


mine is: Wing Shadow As a child, you were obsessed with aeroplanes and the idea of building your own wings. Unfortunately, as an adult your experiment failed disastrously leading to a near-tragic accident! However, in the wake of the experiment, you've also discovered a strange and wondrous new ability! Your powers give you the ability to fly through the air at near-supersonic speeds! and. You can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide yourself or even as a mode of transportation