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(Open rp, be Sam and Dean) "And where do you think you're going?" Dean asks as I try sneaking out of the hotel room. "Uhh.... Back to bed.. I was going to the washroom." I lie. "Right... But the bathroom is that way." I let out a sigh of defeat and frustration. "I just went out for a little while." I say. "And where, exactly, did you go?" Sam asks. I sigh again. "Hunting.." "Hunting what?" Dean asks. "Vampires." They look at eachother. "That's my girl." Dean says proudly. "Don't encourage…

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Supernatural Imagines and Preferences - Sam

Supernatural Imagines,Spn,Scary

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Jensen on tormenting Sheriff Donna Hanscum aka (Brianna Buckmaster) This has to be one of my favorite Dean scenes from ssn 9 :) :D