I think they managed to get ALL my favourite SPN Ladies in one!!! Let's see if I can name them all: Hannah, Jody, Ruby, Anna, Charlie, Abaddon, Meg, Jo, Mary, Rowena, Ellen, Linda, Claire, Kali, Donna, Missouri, Bela/Abby, and Cassie. *whew* did it!

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GROUP COSPLAY fem!Supernatural gang (Supernatural)<<< Finally one where they're not all wearing unnecessary heels that are like five inches tall. These people are hunters. Do you think they have time to get their stilettos stuck in the mud as they run after demons. Aw hell naw.

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Just a gentle reminder that Dean didn't start out as the cocky, jockish, hard-hitting, love-'em-and-leave-'em, womanizing drifter...and that he still slips up sometimes.

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*aggressively tries to not pay attention to anything related to spn because I really haven't seen any of season nine and spoilers galore can be found on pinterest*

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YES PLEASE. #Supernatural ---- but they have to get professionally taught how to do it precisely, so it looks even better

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Supernatural fandom | parodyliterally live for this it's AMAZING go watch it. By Hilly and Hannah Hindi, The Hillywood Show. They've made so many more parodies and they are amazing as well.

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"I swear we're not making this up lol I think there is substantial evidence for our case"

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SupernaturalCF - Google+Fotos Gifs de supernatural 10x07 #Supernatural #hannah #Castiel SupernaturalCf Gifs 10x07 Supernatural 10x07 (Girls Girls Girls)

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