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Inspirational Superhero Quotes - 9GAG

Inspirational Superhero Quotes

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There are superheroes, villains... And there's Deadpool

There are superheroes, villains... And there's Deadpool just thank for that hilarious side comment and for reminding us the real hero is u

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Explain this Bullshit!

How do you explain this!? Maybr it's because other planets are more advanced in their exceptance. And they did their best to evacuate said city as well. :)

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Arkham Asylum, Ivy would still be green but other than that these are amazing

Arkham Asylum

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Quicksilver and scarlet witch aren't x-men!!!!! Read the comics!!!!

Iconic X-Men

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I think people are missing the obvious one here . . . Bruce . . . He will do more damage than any of the others

I was so sad to see Agent Carter finish its run I made this—the Women of Marvel<<<beautiful

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