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Shield Throwing Station- super hero training camp. This entire pin has great games that would be easy to put together. Super hero training!

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I Want to make this as a beanbag toss that can be hung on the wall and drops the beanbag out the bottom. Tall and skinny-like?

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Free Printable Super Hero BINGO Party

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More Super Hero Party Ideas | delight in the little things Cross the lava pit as part of an obstacle course (wooden beam with tissue under it)

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Destroy the Bombs: The Super Heroes must save the world by destroying the bombs. -- bombs are just blown up water balloons the kids need to stomp on to "destroy"; then have them continue to save the world by picking up the broken balloon pieces afterward :-)

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Balloon targets for nerf guns....super hero party game or play time with mom and dad? U could probably lengthen the strings a bit and hang from ceiling instead if u don't want to use helium.

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