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26 Sonnenaufgang - Te Whitianga o Te Ra - Erneuerung - "(...,) das Erwachen der großen Hoffnung, ein Netz gesponnen aus goldenen Strahlen am Morgenhimmel. Ich bin der Neubeginn, das erste Licht des neuen Tages. Ich bin das Versprechen, das Ende der langen Nacht (...)" (Weisheit der Vier Winde, S. 89). Fiordland, Milford Sound, New Zealand

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((Open RP Just say your name and if you're a guy or girl. I'm a boy named Harry)) I walk on the side of the road with my backpack and sleeping bag. My parents kicked me out of the house for.. Reasons.. It was almost night when I saw a car slowing down next to me.

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Here's Some Beautiful Star Wars Art for a Friday Evening

Star Wars has inspired artists from all around the world to create countless examples of fan art through visual expression and artistic interpretation demonstrating their talent and creativity resulting in some truly amazing pieces of Star

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I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

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New post from our Facebook page: The popular tourist resort of Marmaris is next up for Spencer on his proper beach guide. See what he makes of Icmeler Beach for ... #Icmeler beach - love it...PS! Things might have changed as this video is a couple of years old...

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Soul of Simplicity - 6. Simplicity and silence. Today, notice your comfort with silence in prayer and silence in relationships. Can you sit in companionable silence before God? Do you feel a strong need to fill empty spaces with words? Can you listen quietly to people without constant thought about what you will say next? Pray for people who experience the poverty of constant noise.

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