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The best reader photos of 2009

We are getting lots of Goldfinches in our garden ,snacking on the sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds seems to be their favourite hobby...


Flowers to grow for height in the garden, tall plants for flower borders.

Foxgloves are great for adding height to the flower garden and creating a cottage garden look. Beautiful flowers but toxic plant - do not have this where children play.


ASPEN TREE- ATTRACTS: Blue Buntings. They will feed on the twigs, buds and leaves. Perfect planted at the border of your property. Perfect for hanging tube feeders, thistle feeders or placing platform feeder or hopper feeders nearby. Fill feeders with chopped nuts, millet, Safflower, Sunflower hearts, cardinal mix, nut and berry wild bird mix and thistle to attract these beautiful songbirds.