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Particularly sinister looking, their name is not of the same ilk – meaning ‘Dutchmen’ in the local language, this is said to be because their bright red faces reminded the locals of the sunburnt faces of European tourists. Similar to Saki monkeys in the the food that they eat, they differ in how they move, as Uakaris can leap up to an astonishing 20 feet.

[Acne] My face looks sunburnt all the time (especially in the afternoon). Please help! -routine in comments-

$30.00, 2 oz. Organica Jane's Face and Body Butter. Beneficial for eczema, psoriasis, dry/cracked skin, aged skin, sunburnt skin, dry scalp.

Honey and Aloe Mask! One of the best combos ever, it's so refreshing! Aloe is so healing, clears up old acne marks, dark spots, and honey moisturizes. Great for all skin types, even sensitive and sunburnt skin. Make in 5 minutes and use once or twice a week.