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Australia the most popular country on Instagram


The world's weirdest animals - and where to see them

Bald uakari The shocking red pate of this follically-challenged simian has earned it the nickname among South Americans of 'mono angles', or 'English monkey', in honour of the first sunburnt Britons to visit their homeland. Where to spot them The bald uakari can be found deep in the forests of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Reef and Rainforest can organise tailor made holidays to Uakari Lodge, in Brazil's remote Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, where guests can


Rescued baby animals – in pictures

Max the baby wombat was photographed at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Hobart. At six months old, Max was rescued from his dead mother's pouch in August 2013. // A WOMBAT YA'LL!!!


Here are the top 7 landmarks on England's coast

Everyone has their own memories of the seaside. It could be a family walk along the pier, sticky rock and candyfloss, sunburnt faces and the smell of suntan lotion, or the thrill of your first roller-coaster ride.

Boisterous, vulnerable, sunburnt and hairy we look at masculinity in all its forms in five different photography series.


What lies beneath... British filmmaker hunts down some of the world's most bizarre-looking and frightening freshwater monsters of the deep


Lara Stone shows off her sunburnt face in Sydney

Lara Stone displayed a sunburnt face on Wednesday as she enjoyed a day shopping in Sydney.