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This particular remedy didn't work for me, if anything this made the burn feel much hotter. I got quite bad sunburn on my legs and so looked for a remedy to soothe the pain a bit. I'm sticking to just keeping moisturised with coconut oil.

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wiccateachings: “Black tea is perfect for treating sunburn. Fill a pitcher, jug or bowl with warm water and drop in three to four bags of black tea. The tannic acid and theobromine in black tea helps remove heat from sunburn. Other compounds in the.

30 Uses for Coconut Oil (Besides Cooking)

30 Uses for Coconut Oil (Besides Cooking)

Coconut oil is an extremely diverse item. What can't coconut oil do? Thirty uses of coconut oil besides cooking. Coconut oil is almost like the miracle oil with all that it can do, and I’m sure there are many more uses out there.

5 Natural Sunburn Relief Remedies |

5 Natural Sunburn Relief Remedies

5 remedies for natural sunburn relief that will keep your skin moisturized and help prevent peeling.

9 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar -

Check out these 9 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar! … Apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color.

Home remedies for razor bumps

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are those small, embarrassing red bumps that are often left behind after you shave.

I spend as much time as possible at the beach, so I am no stranger to sunburns. My skin is naturally on the darker side thanks to my Italian heritage, and more often than not I develop a nice golden tan rather than a red burn – but I’m most definitely not immune to it. Sunburns are the worst. Not only are they incredibly unhealthy for your skin and your health, but they also hurt, feel uncomfortable, and just generally make everything terrible.

18 Miracle Sunburn Hacks And Tips You Never Knew About

Did you get a sunburn at the beach? Here are 18 miracle hacks, tips, and tricks on how to relieve sunburn pain and prevent peeling from happening.